Sing About It

I’ve run occasional songwriting workshops for over a decade now, usually at festivals and community events. I always love teaching in the creative arts, but somehow when music is involved, there’s a special kind of buzz.

Songwriting provides two art-forms to play with at the same time: words and music. In my experience, song-listeners tend to fall into one of two camps (and since I haven’t seen this idea discussed elsewhere, I’ve gone all neologistic and made up terms for the two groups). ‘Wordies’ love lyrics, get frustrated if they can’t hear the singer clearly, and rage when verses sung out of order disrupt the story. ‘Musies’ hardly hear the words, they’re so deeply absorbed in the melody, harmony, rhythms, timbres and patterns of the music itself.

Songwriters, not surprisingly, also seem to manifest as either Wordies or Musies. Needless to say, I’m a Wordie. But when I run songwriting workshops, I like to mix up the word-based and music-based exercises, so participants get to play with a range of approaches to song creation.

This coming Sunday, 19th November, I’m running ‘Sing About It: Songwriting for the Absolute Beginner’, at the State Library of Queensland. This workshop is particularly designed to inspire and encourage you if you’ve never tried writing a song before. If you’re a bit further along on your songwriting journey, the workshop offers dedicated time for nurturing your creativity. Activities range from whole group explorations of rhythm and sound to individual work on your own piece. The aim is for you to leave the workshop with at least the beginning of a new song – if not several!

Place: State Library of Queensland, Meeting Room 1B

Time: Sunday 19th November, 10am – 1pm

What to bring:

  • Instrument if you play one (voice is a perfectly legitimate instrument in itself – do bring that!)
  • Water bottle
  • Some means of recording what you produce in the workshop. I recommend both a visual method (pen and paper, TAB or manuscript paper, or a laptop) and a sound-based method (voice recording app on your phone, or a dedicated recording device

If the cost of the workshop is a problem for you, please let me know and we’ll work something out with Createplace. No-one should miss out on music because of money 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you there.


2 thoughts on “Sing About It

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  1. Wish i could make it. I’m more of a Wordie, my challenge is how do I get the words to be a melody that I can actually play on the guitar. Hence my recent foray into scales and such. Hope you run these again and with a bit more notice if possible.


  2. I am definitely a musie! There are songs I’ve been listening to for years and decide to have a sing and realise I know no words other than the chorus or first line! But I can sing the guitar solo note for note haha


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