The Session

 (by John Thompson, aged 43 and a half) Dec, 2007 I bought my first guitar so that I could take it to Maleny. They were having a folk festival up there. Now, I didn’t really know what a folk festival was, but it sounded good. It was back in the early 1980s and I’d just... Continue Reading →


And we thought WE were niche!

Have you heard of ‘filk music’? While Wikipedia says it began in the 1930s, this genre – if so it can be called – got its name from a typo in an unpublished article in the 1950s. Loosely defined as folk music with a science fiction or fantasy theme, filk music is typically sung session-style... Continue Reading →

What does it mean if everyone goes to the bar?

You start a song, and suddenly find yourself surrounded by empty chairs. Was it something you sang, or are you just being paranoid? First off, let’s accept that everyone legitimately needs to leave the session sometimes. They have to get a drink or order food, go to the loo, make or take a phone call.... Continue Reading →

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