To accompany or not to accompany? Pt 2

What about vocal accompaniment? Singing along in choruses is conventional. But do you join the lead singer on the verses? This is where we really move into opinion territory. Here’s mine, for what it’s worth, but do feel free to chime in and disagree (in the Comments section please, not Facebook). If everyone knows the... Continue Reading →


To accompany or not to accompany? Pt I

Note: Couple of ‘picky posts’ coming up, for those who view sessioning as a collaborative performance artform. If that’s not you, give these posts a miss – they'll probably only make you cross or dismayed. Please remember nothing on this blog is a ‘rule’ – it’s all guidelines, opinions and received wisdom, to be taken... Continue Reading →

Song choice

Introducing our first-ever guest blogger, the lovely Sam Krauser. Sam, who has been sessioning since he was a cute little red-haired boy of 12, is now a cute big red-haired boy of 22 who plays guitar, bouzouki and mandolin. He is a fabulous singer and his session-mates like him quite a lot. Huge round of... Continue Reading →

Kids in the session

Today's kids are tomorrow's musicians. If we want to leave a legacy of sessioning, we need to welcome kids into session culture. Pearl, pictured deep in concentration in a session, aged 2, is now 9 and a splendid fiddler: she says she enjoys making music because 'it's so much fun'. And so say all of... Continue Reading →

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